How to use the MIDI Editor tool

Get Started

  1. Download Chrome browser
  2. Update your controller's firmware if it was bought prior to 2022. If you have a custom controller, contact us with your controller type and we will get the tool updated.
  3. Check your operating system
    • If you're using Windows OS - Windows will create an exclusive connection to the device when an application requests it and prevent other applications from contacting the controller. Therefore, when using MIDI software on a Windows 10 or 11 machine, please ensure that all other MIDI software are closed (DAWs, Tunnels, Splitters, Editing Tools, etc.) before clicking “Get Started” on the editor tool.
    • If you're using Mac OSX - OSX allows for multiple MIDI input/output paths from each device, allowing the editor and your software to function with the controller at the same time. 

How to use the tool

Open the MIDI Editor tool and click “Get Started”

Once you click “Get Started”, unless your Chrome settings already allow it, you’ll be prompted to allow MIDI Connections. Clicking “Allow” should update the tool to give you a drop-down with a list of all connected Sparrow MIDI controllers.

Choose your Device and Connect

From the drop-down list, select your controller and click “Connect”.

After a successful connection, you should be presented with your controller’s current settings and fields to be used to change them.



 Make MIDI Value Changes

  1. Current CC Values & Current Channels - These fields will show you the current settings of your controller’s various knobs, faders and buttons.
  2. New CC Values - each of these fields accepts a value from 0 to 127
  3. Channel Assignment
    • Per Fader/Button/Knob - Each Fader, Knob or Button will have its own channel. (1 through 16)
    • Common - All Faders, Knobs or Buttons will share a single channel number (1 through 16)

NOTE: All fields must be populated before the “Update” button is made available, even if they aren’t being changed.

Press "Update"

After pressing "Update", you should receive a pop-up message letting you know that the changes have been completed and the "Current" values will be updated to the new ones you entered. 

Test Your New Settings

  • OSX: Simply open a new MIDI app and connect your controller or use an existing connection and test your controls. You can follow the update process multiple times and make additional changes if needed.
  • Windows: In order for other applications to communicate with your controller, close the browser window for the MIDI Editor and then connect your controller to another MIDI application to test your new settings.

Press "Disconnect"

Pressing disconnect allows the editor tool to release the connection on your controller and takes you back to the "Getting Started" page so that you can connect to another Sparrow device to make additional changes. If you are done with making changes, there's no need to press "Disconnect" and you can simply close the web browser to fully release the connection on both Mac and Windows machines.