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Sparrow 5x5 Controller

The faders feel great and it works great! Love it!

exactly what i needed!

perfect device that just works

Sparrow 5x100mm MIDI controller

Sparrow 4x100mm MIDI controller

Midi Maker

I am very happy with my Midi Maker controller. It is well built and easy to program. Very simple device, but it is making a big difference in my production.

Does exactly what I need

Quick shipping and effortless configuration with Logic and Spitfire libraries. Programming via the web page went smoothly. And the price is definitely right. Extremely happy.

Sparrow 8x100mm MIDI controller
Theodoros Ioakeimidis
Its Okay for the price.

After using it for few hours I realized that whatever I assign to the sliders the first 5% of the slider from bottom to top isn't working. For example, I assigned CC1 to the first slider and I set it up from 0 to 127 when the slider is down and you trying to go up the first 5% of the whole slider is not being recognized after that it works fine, but its annoying because i have to go back and edit my lines every time.

I had been looking for this for a long time !

Somehow I could never find a 4 slider midi controller only. Somehow finally Google gave me the answer and made me discover "The Midi Maker". If you are like me using a digital 88 keyboard with a real piano touch you know that you may not be provided with a pitch/mod wheel ect. Of course I have others like the APC40 etc BUT the sliders are not really convenient when you are composing orchestral music. Although the sparrow is made of plastic the quality is very good and the sliders works perfectly. Got Spitfire Audio libraries ? Orchestral Tools libraries ? The Sparrow 4x100mm does a perfect job, 5 STAR + midi controller.

Awsome controller!

I was really having a hard time trying to find a great functioning controller, and this works smoothly with my Logic pro and third party plugins, I really loved it, works perfect!

Rubber feet come up, needs a more research for rubber adhesive that will stack to a variety of surfaces. 100mm is good although I think now a 75mm would be better for orchestral library use.

Really Happy

So happy I found this great little tool. Very simple set up. It works, feels great and was a very reasonable price. Exactly what I needed!

Soooo Goood!!

The Sparrow 4 * 100mm is a great MIDI Controller
The fader s work smoothly, the it does' not require a Driver in Win
and itt is very easy to set up/
The controller colors blend in my studio nicely doesn't take a lot of space
The service is great and the shipping was fast
Thank you Jeff

Great value for the price!

This controller is exactly what I needed for recording VSTi orchestral instrument in a DAW. The smaller footprint is welcome on my desk. The sliders have a nice long throw and a great feel which makes recording expression CCs easier.

Great Place to buy from

I bought 3 controllers from The MIDI Maker.
They made a great effort to accommodate my needs.
The faders are soft and easy, and the overall look is great and feet my studio well.
Looking forward to making great music with the controllers.
Thank you, Jeff!

Almost perfect!

I'm happy with it and how solid everything feels, my only point of issue is that when sitting idle the faders all tend to be confused what MIDI value they're on. If I max out one of the faders then it will bounce back and forth between 126 and 127, and it will record that constant jittering in my DAW. This seems to be an issue on all four of the sliders, but it can be fixed by gently moving the faders from time to time. Although it is annoying to have to constantly do that. But I enjoy how easy it is to assign MIDI values on the web controller! And the amount of resistance on each slider is easy and appropriate.

I have been looking for this for a long time

The product is and works exactly the way I expected. This is perfect for anyone wanting to control a VST. From the moment I plugged it in it was working. I can't recommend it more.

Great Purchase!!!

Works great! Easy to set up and smooth faders…this is a great addition to my recording studio!

Sparrow 4x100mm MIDI controller

The best MIDI fader in the market

It's the best simple MIDI fader. Espectually for a synthetic orchestra compose, this will elevate the quality to the pro level. Its long lenght fader help me qrite a good dynamic.

a simple cable, but brought into the bundle

It's a slim and middle lenght cable you can rely on.

MIDI controller without the BS

Super simple. Faders are butter. Looks good next to all my other gear.

The perfect product I wanted!

The perfect product I wanted!

Just buy it!

It works really well with the DAW and easy to use It's well made.

Simple, elegant, and super easy to use

HOW are there not more midi controllers like this out there? Well built, simple, incredibly easy to customize and change (The web app is genius and works flawlessly! Just a few seconds to change to any CC controller you want.)

Oh, and did I mention... THAT PRICE!!! Great job, MIDI Maker.

Solid controller for VSTi's

Loving this controller so far and the long faders. I was considering Monogram until I found MIDI Maker after a long search for affordable fader controllers.
Works great with Cuebase and sitting on top of my controller with little rubber feet to keep it from sliding around. My only issue is with the MIDI Editor, its quick and easy but I would like an option to save different profiles. Overall its a great little fader controller that fills a void in the market.