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Good adapter

Works beautifully!

Excellent product, works flawlessly!

Some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. I would give 10-stars if I could.
Completely impressive, great product. Just fantastic.

Easy setup. Works great.

Great affordable controller

Does the job

It’s compact and I like that. The faders are smooth and fluid sending data. Set up with the software, super easy. The price is very fair. I may buy another soon.

Excellent works perfectly

Works perfectly for what I need. Great compact size and the facers feel great. From what I’ve seen, it’s difficult to find a midi device of this design (only faders) at a good size and price. Highly recommend.

Great works well

Easy to use plug and assign, Faders are very smooth 👌 Great work Midi Maker !

Works great. The included cord is excellent.

Great product! Great Service!!

Amazing controller great service!!

This is the third time that I’m buying from The MIDI Maker store!
The controllers are working well and the fader moves smoothly. the service is above and beyond expectations
Thank you!

Fucking love it.

Man... you rock

Great kit

I love my new Sparrow. It’s simple, well-made, and does just what I need. FYI, this absolutely does work as a MIDI cc controller in Pro Tools (at least on Mac). I am using it to control Mod Wheel, Expression, and two custom cc’s (attack & vibrato) in NI Symphonic Series virtual instruments, instantiated as plug-ins within Pro Tools. It works perfectly. It will NOT, however, work as a Pro Tools peripheral as the website says, at least not without jumping through a lot of hoops.

Great product

Affordable, good build and excellent smooth faders

For the longest time I searched for an affordable option, offering at least a decent build and 3 faders, but they had to be 100mm.
As most know, it doesn't exist, not that I could find anyway.

I currently live in Australia and once ordered it took only 3 weeks to arrive on my doorstep-yes, I was excited, yet, hopeful the device would meet my expectations.

The midi editor software works flawlessly and the unit is a thrill to use - love, love the faders! Although it is a 3D printed case, it certainly is sturdy enough and I'm certain it will last for years.

I selected the USB-C option and was surprised, and delighted, that the cord is so long, not to mention it isn't that cheap plastic cord, it's a woven material -nice touch! If considering this unit, be it 3 or more faders, just do it, they are terrific!

I thank the maker and will probably purchase an 8 slider unit in the future.

Doesn’t get any better than this!!!

An exceptional piece of gear every orchestral composer should own!

parcel not received yet

I live in Italy. I haven't received your parcel yet. on 22/07/2023 it seemed to have arrived in Italy. but now the UPS tracking gives it back to the USA. Edison, NJ. I don't know what could have happened. i hope for the best. I will post my review as soon as I receive it. Andrea Canino.


Great little MIDI fader. I have no issues supporting a small shop for a little premium, and the orange looks twice as good in person.

Very happy.


I absolutely love this controller! The faders feel great and have more than enough physical length to feel like you have all the control you’d ever need.. A simple, beautiful thing. I feel lucky to have found out about these. I have EXACTLY what I’ve been needing for about a year now and for a third of the price as a few of the other controllers I’ve seen marketed.

Just what I´ve been looking for.

The Sparrow checks all my boxes.
It´s orange,
3 100 mm sliders.

I am happy with my purchase.